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8One of the most powerful things you will ever do, not just for yourself, but for your readers, your business, and ultimately – the world, is access your authentic collaborative message and create your book.

You are driven. You have a mission. You’ve been on a transformative journey and you can help others make that journey, too. You’re ready to share your vision. NOW is the time to take this step, to get your book out of your head or your heart and onto the written page.

But you need a guide, someone who knows how to mentor, when to give you space and when to push you; someone who understands the ebbs and flows of transformational authorship; someone who can show you step-by-step how to overcome your fear, access your exceptional message, capture your passion on the page, and become a published author.

Enter "Book Whisperer" Joryn Jenkins

I am Joryn Jenkins, Award-Winning Author and Transformational "Book Whisperer." I began mentoring because the need was so obvious; I continually spoke with aspiring authors who dreamed of sharing their passion and powerful stories in a book… but never actually did, because they didn’t know how to get started, or what it really took to write a great book.

I suffered the same frustration before my first book hit the marketplace back in 1994. I published that one traditionally, with no mentoring whatsoever. So I felt that pain again before my first transformational collaborative divorce book came out in 2014. I know what it’s like to feel that vision burning inside me – and not have the guidance necessary to get it published.

Now, after publishing five successful books in less than two years, and mentoring others to become published, as well, I’ve seen first-hand the transformation that takes place when someone’s book hits on Amazon. I’ve seen the magic when I witness a client assume the mantle of her own greatness, share her inspirational mission in the marketplace, create new programs and services, and impact more lives, as a published author, than one ever can one client or customer at a time. Writing a book is a game-changer on every imaginable level.

Sign up for a free 30-minute breakthrough book strategy session - in this short time, you’ll get these outcomes:

  1.  Clarify your book’s message, and its value, both to you and your audience.
  2.  Determine the brand you want your book to convey, to identify who you are at the top of your niche.
  3.  Identify your target audience and write for them specifically.
  4.  Decide how to organize your book so that it compels your reader from beginning to end.
  5.  Learn pre-marketing strategies to ensure that you sell books and market your business at the same time.
  6.  Ascertain the steps you must take to set this process in motion.

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